All services listed below are a part of a long-standing educational process that The Ethical Advisor strongly believes in. It is not good enough to provide solutions to clients if the clients do not understand the importance of what information is being provided. The Ethical Advisor provides a financial education, along with recommendations, for its clients, in simple to understand language. Continuing financial education is just one way The Ethical Advisor distinguishes itself from other financial planning companies.

Budget and Income Analysis

It is critically important to have a sound budget and a cash flow analysis completed before any other stage of financial planning can be implemented. The Ethical Advisor will help develop a budget and cash flow statement, not only so that the client has a thorough understanding of everyday costs, but more importantly, to educate client regarding necessary versus discretionary spending. Finally, The Ethical Advisor will take the time to provide feedback on how to save money utilizing coupons, special purchase discounts, and other methods of cost reduction available.

Tax Planning

As you know, only two things are certain in life: death and taxes! Knowing a client's individual tax situation, and how this tax situation will change over time will provide a more clear understanding of what types of investments a client may need, how to budget differently, and what types of financial vehicles provide the best tax sheltering or legal avoidance of taxes. With proper planning and education, the tax burden can often be significantly decreased over time.

Investment Advising

Historically, most financial advisors, planners, salespersons, etc typically only provide investment advising to their clients. At The Ethical Advisor, investment advising is critical to the entire process of planning for a client's future. Our advisors believe the best way to achieve one's financial investment objectives are through diversification using low cost indexed mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), thus minimizing investment expenses and risk. Studies have shown that over 90% of investment return is based on diversification, therefore, The Ethical Advisor uses many different asset classes from the United States and around the world to provide a well-rounded portfolio. Finally, our advisors do not take discretionary control of your money, nor do we require client custody their money at one specific brokerage company. Our advisors understand the specific needs of the client and make decisions based upon all facts available, in conjunction with the client, to make a final decision.

Benefits and insurance analysis

Health, disability, life, long-term care, and Medicare supplement are all examples of insurances that affect our everyday lives. While the advisors at The Ethical Advisor do not sell insurance, each planner holds a Texas Health and Life insurance license to be able to provide comprehensive consulting on such insurance needs and planning. In addition, The Ethical Advisor has partnered with Texas Benefits Advisers, a leading independent insurance firm in Central Texas that shares the same ethics and principals, to provide for insurance needs and expert analysis, when needed. It is important to have the right coverage in place for any unanticipated life event, and more importantly, to know that you have the appropriate type of coverage for your own unique situation.

Retirement Planning

Do you ever get frustrated, tired, or confused about all of those acronyms for retirement accounts? 401k, 403b, 457, ROTH IRA, Traditional IRA, SEP IRA, Keogh, DC plans, DB plans, etc, etc. It seems as though every day there is a new plan with a new name and a set of complicated tax laws that follow with each one. The Ethical Advisor specializes in helping educate its clients regarding the plans that each of them has or will obtain in the near future. The types of investments in each plan, what tax consequences go along with each type of plan, and when a client can withdraw or transfer a plan are all critical to the retirement planning stage.

How does one know how much is needed for retirement? This seems to be the million-dollar investment question. The Ethical Advisor will spend time determining the answer to this question by using calculations, inputs from the client, expectations of returns, and risk factors to provide a retirement target income and nest egg. After all, if you do not know where you should be in the future, how do you plan for retirement?

Estate Planning

Everybody thinks that it is odd to think about death when you are still healthy and able to enjoy life. However, planning for your eventual passing is a step that a lot of people either never accomplish or avoid their entire lifetime. Having a will, power of attorney, medical directive, trust, and naming the correct beneficiaries on certain accounts are critical to avoiding taxation, time in a court room via probate, unnecessary hassle after the loss of a loved one, and disputes that can often be avoided with the correct documentation. The Ethical Advisor helps create a knowledge base of what documents are necessary to avoid all of the above problems and teams with qualified lawyers to draft such documents. The last complication anyone wants in life is to deal with the courts, lawyers, and the IRS after the loss of a special loved one.